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Risk Warning & Earnings Disclaimer

Trading or investing in the stock markets has opportunity for large potential rewards, but also equal opportunity for large potential loss. You should be aware of the risks involved in stock trading and be willing to accept them BEFORE you place a trade. It is possible that you may sustain a loss of some or all of your trading capital and therefore, you should not trade money you cannot afford to lose. Nothing in our site or documentation should be considered as an offer to Buy/Sell stocks, and we will therefore not be held liable for any loss or damages. SharesXPert LLC make no representation of any kind that your trades will be profitable and past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Notwithstanding the above statements, here are RECENT TESTIMONIALS from ACTUAL SharesXPert users…

“WIN BIG, Lose small” – Updated 18 May 2012

“WIN BIG, Lose small” – Updated 20 Feb 2012

“Cashed Out Realised Gains of RM 53k!” – 14 Feb 2012

“I cashed out on Feb 10, 2012 with realised gain of RM53k. If not for internet line breakdown on Feb 9, I would have made RM69K.

For a newbie, this is a fantastic experience but my exuberance is tempered by a good friend’s famous words, “Nobody ever loses taking profit. Don’t be greedy. You can’t always think of exiting at the very top. Discipline will help you in the long run”.

With that quote, I would like to thank Mr Ooi for his superb picks, generous sharing and guidance & of course SharesXPert system. Look forward to more successful trades.”

“24.9% ROI in 20 Days”

20-Day Trading Account: 6 Sept to 26 Sept 2011


Entered Ping AN Insurance (HKSE) SHORT on 6 September 2011

“SGD720 In 1 Day!”

1-Day Trading Account: 11 August 2011

“Achieved 11.32% ROI in 2 Weeks!”

Entered JC Penny SHORT on 25 July 2011

Entered Ford SHORT on 26 July 2011

Entered Huaneng Power SHORT on 26 July 2011

Trading Account From 22 July – 5 Aug 2011: USD1,100 (Unrealized P&L)

“I Made SGD3,000 in April 2011…!”

[youtube id=”fM1c6Yje1UA”]

Trading Account As At 1 Feb 2011: USD259 (Unrealized P&L)


Trading Account As At 8 Feb 2011: USD1,803 (Unrealized P&L)


Trading Account As At 17 Feb 2011: USD2,436 (Unrealized P&L)


Other Trading Account Proof
Submitted By Our Students…


Bought: 22/11/2010
Sold: 22/12/2010
Realised Profit: 2,042
ROI: 15%


Bought: 9/12/2010
Sold: 14/1/2011
Realised Profit: 1,131
ROI: 47%


Bought: 9/11/2010
Sold: 21/1/2011
Realised Profit: 1,370
ROI: 52%


1-Day Trading Account: 15 March 2011
SHORTED: F&N, Genting & Wing Tai (SGX Stock)
(Just After The Japan Earthquake)

Entered F&N SHORT on 14 March 2011

Entered Genting SP SHORT on 14 March 2011


1-Day Trading Account: 17 March 2011
F&N, Genting & Wing Tai Stocks…
… Continue On The Decline
And Trading Profits Continue To Climb
(2 Days After The Japan Earthquake)


1-Day Trading Account: 30 March 2011
Market On Re-Bound…
… LONG On Several US Stocks
Account Grew by SGD 1,500 in Two Weeks.
Total Two Week ROI: 21%

Success Testimonial from Bellum Tan, Founder, Rich Dad Asia Pte Ltd

“Achieved 44% RETURN ON INVESTMENT In 3 Days!”

“On 6 April, SharesXPert system triggered Altria Group (MO). I have no idea what business Altria Group is in, but that is not important. Instead of just buying the stock, I used an ‘option’ to do a 26 May CALL, paying a premium of $0.68. On 11 April, just after three trading days, I sold of the 26 May26 CALL for a premium of $0.98. That is a 44% RETURN!”


Altria Group (MO) LONG Trigger on 5 April 2011

“SharesXPert system also triggered Philip Moris (PM).
I also used ‘option’ which I paid $2.10 and sold at $2.82, resulting in a 35% ROI.”


Philip Morris (PM) LONG Trigger on 5 April 2011

“The beauty of the SharesXPert system is I don’t need to know anything
about stock trading or the company that I’m buying into.
I can do without technical or fundamental analysis of the company from now on.

Now I have found another ‘money making machine’.

This is REAL Velocity of Money.”

With Appreciation,
Bellum Tan, Founder,
Distributor of Robert Kiyosaki’s CASH FLOW Workshops in Southeast Asia

1-Day Trading Account: 20 July 2011
… LONG On Several HK & US Stocks
Account Grew by SGD 1,025 in One Day.