SharesXPert Stock Trading System

SharesXPert is a breakthrough and proven End-of-Day (EOD) high probability trend trading system that requires ZERO technical or fundamental analysis!

German-Engineered Trend Following Algorithm

The core breakthrough technology behind this trend following system is German-engineered mathematical algorithms that generate PROFITABLE and LASER-PRECISE BUY and SELL signals. Based on trend-following principles, but far more sophisticated than traditional “price breakout” systems, Buy/Sell signals generated by SharesXPert are formulated to identify far earlier trend formations.

The SharesXPert algorithm also generates “multiple entry” signals, enabling the user to “ride the trend” and maximize profit opportunities for strong trending stocks.

SharesXPert Optimizer Module

The SharesXPert Optimizer module consists the Multi-Optimization and Back-Testing Engines.

Multi-Optimization Screening Engine

SharesXPert’s proprietary multi-optimization screening algorithm automatically optimizes each stock for the highest historical return-on-investment (ROI) – Ensuring the best “curve-fit” formula is used to generate the buy & sell signals.

Back-Testing Engine

Its built-in back-testing engine is able to run historical simulation for any time period, and the system automatically combines results from the multi-optimization module to calculate historical stock performance.Bottomline: Higher ROI Trading Opportunities!

SharesXPert Optimizer Report

The SharesXPert Optimizer Report allows you view Best ROI and Best Setting for each stock. Best Setting value is automatically assigned to each stock based on the results computed by the multi-optimization screening engine.

SharesXPert Screener Module

The screener module allows you to generate buy/sell signals with 1-click ease, based on the following timeframe criteria:

  • All Historical Data and Signals
  • Last Trading Day (Bullish Signals)
  • Last Trading Day (Bearish Signals)
  • Last Trading Day (All Signals)

Additional configuration options include the ability to filter the results by:

  • Minimum Price – Maximum Price
  • Minimum Volume Over Number of Days

SharesXPert Money Management Module

SharesXPert offers a built-in INTEGRATED Money Management system that includes the following features:

– Capital Allocation (Input Available Capital & Capital Allocation %)
– Trade Plan (Auto-calculation of Entry Price, Number of Shares, Stop-Loss Price & Stop Loss %)
– Portfolio (Auto-calculation of Stop-Loss Adjustment Price & Stop Loss Adjustment %)
– Portfolio (One-click screening of stocks in Portfolio for new Entry & Exit signals)
– Trade Journal (Keep track of all trade history)
– Profit & Loss Summary (Auto-calculation of P&L)

With SharesXPert Money Management, you can plan your trades and manage your trade portfolio with one-click ease!

SharesXPert End-Of-Day (EOD) Market Data

End-of-day (EOD) data is available for DAILY download within SharesXPert for the following markets:

– BSE & NSE (India)
– SSE & SZSE (China)
– TWSE & TWOTC (Taiwan)
– HKSE (Hong Kong)
– HOSE (Vietnam)
– JSX (Indonesia)
– PSE (Philippines)
– SET (Thailand)
– SGX (Singapore)
– KLSE (Malaysia)
– LKCSE (Sri Lanka)
– World Indices


SharesXPert System Pricing

What’s included in the SharesXPert System:

  • SharesXPert System License
  • SharesXPert STEP-BY-STEP Online Training Videos
  • SharesXPert Quick Start & User Guide
  • End-Of-Day (EOD) DAILY Update Data for 6 Markets
  • Access to SharesXPert Online Forum Community, Support & Software Updates
  • Monthly SharesXPert ‘Live’ Online Webinar Coaching

SharesXPert System Requirements

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) / Java Development Kit (JDK) JRE or JDK 1.5 or higher version.
If you are not sure whether your computer has this, simply download our bundled installation kit from our web site.
Speed of Processor: Pentium 1GHz or equivalent upwards
Memory (RAM): At least 512 megabytes (MB) RAM
Display Resolution: Super VGA (1024 x 800) or higher
Hard Disk Space: At least 500MB
Peripherals: Mouse (or Touchpad) and keyboard
Internet Connectivity: Used for downloading stock data. The connection can be broadband/dial-up
Supported Systems:
Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard
Ubuntu / Kubuntu
Windows XP / Vista / 7


Feel free to contact us via our SharesXPert Help Desk.